• Energy Advice

    Energy consumption and cost is one of the hottest topics of our generation and there are many manufacturers and suppliers producing innovative solutions they tell you will reduce your energy bills significantly. We will use our knowledge and experience to check the claims made are reasonable, that the solution is appropriate for your situation, what your return on investment will be, and what other solutions may provide better financial returns, thus allowing you to make fully informed decisions.

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  • Leasing, Buying & Selling

    If you are seeking to lease, buy or sell a building, it is important to know the nature and condition of the services contained within, as you could end up with very high unexpected expenditure and/or disruption when you can least afford it. Whether you are investing in a house, or commercial premises, or a lease is at term, we can provide fully costed condition and dilapidations reports for use in negotiations with tenants and vendors.


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  • Plant & Infrastructure Replacement

    Buildings are typically designed for a minimum 60 year life and the services only last for 15 – 20 years, as such much of our work involves replacing plant in existing and often occupied buildings. This presents unique challenges, as often there are minimal records and much of the infrastructure is concealed. If the project involves straight plant replacement, we can project manage the whole scheme, engaging other professionals where required.

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  • Construction & Refurbishment Projects

    Whatever the type or size of building project you are involved in, if you have concerns over how to service the building, Henderson Green can help. Domestically, we have a wealth of experience on projects from small house extensions up to complete new apartment blocks and prestige high specification dwellings.  Commercially, we are involved with Schools, Hospitals, Office Schemes and Office Tenant Fit Outs, Retail, Hotel and Leisure Complexes, and we can tailor our service to suit your particular needs.

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