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Historic Buildings

The Slaughterhouse

Architect: TDA
HG Role: M&E Design Input

Royal Court Guernsey

Value: £3m
Client: States of Guernsey
HG Role: M&E Design

States Building Jersey

Value: £4m
Client: States of Jersey
HG Role: M&E Design

Moulin de Haut

Value: £3.5m
Architect: CCD
HG Role: M&E Design

College Gardens

Value: £36m
Client: Jersey Development Co
HG Role: M&E Design

Kempt Tower Jersey

Architect: Antony Gibb
HG Role: Mechanical Services and Retrofitted Electrical Services

St Matthew’s Convent

Value:  £4m
Architect: Waddington Architects
HG Role: Full Duties M&E Design